Calling Cardiff & Wales

Our Television insight course is coming to Cardiff.frost


Two days meeting great writers and learning all the skills needed to create great commercial TV drama scripts. 1/2 November. Our guest is Russell Gascoigne whose credits include ‘A TOUCH OF FROST’.

We’ve heard that there is a new batch of productions coming to Wales in 2017 and there will be a lot of demand for new talent on set. By coming on one of our courses you will learn a lot about the current Drama production industry and we may be able to introduce you to a production company that will provide you with some work experience.

We have discounted places available for low earners and there is also a low rate for early bird bookings. Please check out our courses and contact us if you think you might be eligible for a discounted place. Book on Eventbrite:

Funded by the HETV Levy Fund through Creative Skillset.

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